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Video: Interview with the Director of "Oil in Our Waters"

Watch an interview with Micah Fink, the director of “Oil in our Waters” to learn more about the problem of intentional oil pollution from ships.

In this 8-minute interview for Link TV, director Micah Fink discusses the the crime of intentional oil pollution from ships and the science of what happens when oil enters our waters. This interview was created as part of the broadcast of "Oil in Our Waters" on link TV. See the full version of Oil in Our Waters here or explore the Link TV page here.

Oil in Our Waters is a 22-minute documentary about the illegal dumping of oil from ships. This film explores the extent of the problem, the impact of oil on the marine environment, the creation of MARPOL, the rewards for whistleblowers, and the penalties faced by polluters caught in the United States.

Meet the Coast Guard inspectors, Justice Department lawyers, and scientists who are leading the fight against marine oil pollution!

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