Download the Marine Defender app to report and map oil pollution and marine debris.

iPhone and iPad

How To Use The Marine Defenders App

The Marine Defender reporting app is a mobile tool for documenting, mapping and reporting oil pollution and marine debris in real time.

Using the Marine Defenders Mobile App

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The Marine Defenders App FAQ

STEP 1: Become a Marine Defender

Download the app and register as a Marine Defender.

Become a Marine Defender

STEP 2: View Pollution Reports

Now you can see all the pollution reports mapped by location on an interactive Google map. You can also find details from each report by zooming into the map and clicking on individual pins.

View Pollution Reports
Report pollution

STEP 3: Report Pollution

If you see oil or marine debris, you can use our mobile app to report it to the National Response Center.

If you are using a mobile phone you can chose to call them directly through the app by pressing the “call NRC” button. The app will dial the NRC and also display your current GPS coordinates so you can make an accurate and detailed verbal report.

You can also report digitally by pressing the “Report Oil Spill” or “Report Marine Debris” buttons. This will take you to the advanced reporting tool.

STEP 4: Reporting

Here you can take and upload a photo and then work through the reporting options to describe the oil spill or marine debris you have discovered.

Submit a Report

STEP 5: Submit a Report

Once you have worked through the items in oil or marine debris reporting tool, press submit at the bottom to make a report.

When you report an oil spill using the Marine Defenders mobile app, we will post your report online and send your contact information, your description of the incident, and GPS coordinate to the National Response Center.

The NRC will alert the Coast Guard and send them to investigate.

If you are not in a cell phone service area, your device will store the information and report it once you are back in range.

Alert! If you are a responsible party – please call the NRC directly. The Marine Defenders mobile app does not relieve you of your legal reporting requirements. Please see our Terms of Use.

iPhone and iPad