Download the Marine Defender app to report and map oil pollution and marine debris.

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  • Using the Marine Defenders Tools in Your Classroom


    Guide to using the marine defender tools in your classroom

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    The Marine Defender project was designed with teachers in mind.

    The Marine Defender mobile app, together with our Google Maps enabled website, is designed to serve as a 21st Century teaching tool.

    Use the Marine Defenders mobile app to get your students out of the classroom and into a real-world environment to explore coastal areas for marine pollution and report their discoveries.

    The Marine Defenders mobile app is photo and GPS-enabled. This means your students can take pictures of what they find and then use the app to post their reports to interactive Google Maps in real time.

    You can also create a personal class layer to track your class reports.

  • Download the Marine Defenders Lesson Plans here!
  • Report a Spillage function from the 
Marine Defender’s App


    Say you are teaching Ecology 101 or a basic high school science class...

    You can use the Marine Defenders mobile reporting tool to teach your students about GPS mapping, field reporting, and the use of real-time data to generate individualized reports!

    Take your class on a field trip to the New Jersey shoreline, the banks of the Hudson River, or the marshy edges of the Delaware Bay to search for oil spills and marine debris.

    These reports will appear online on this website – and also generate a response from the National Response Center and the Coast Guard.

    You can see these reports in real time – on the overall project map or organized into a special group - to analyze the data and experience the real life results of your students' field work!


    Here is how you can create a specialized group for your class reports!

    Step 1. Download the app and register. You can only register as a Marine Defender by downloading the mobile app and signing in!

    Step 2. Create a user ID.

    Step 3. At the top left of the Marine Defenders app home page click on “filter reports.”

    Step 4. On the filter page you can choose how to sort the Marine Defenders Data. You can select an “Official Filter” which shows all oil spill and marine debris reports, or just view oil spills or marine debris reports.

    If you click on “add new filters” you can create a new group that just contains reports filed by your classroom or environmental group.

    Step 5. Watch “Oil in our Waters” to learn about marine oil pollution.

    Step 6. Take your students out into the field to search for pollution.

    Step 7. Have students report their findings from the field by using the mobile app. Multiple users can share the same mobile device either by reporting sharing one ID or creating new individual memberships by clicking on the “change user” button.

    Step 8. Back in the classroom, review your student’s field reports using the map on the Marine Defenders website.