Download the Marine Defender app to report and map oil pollution and marine debris.

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    A marina in Cape May, New Jersey

    Photo Credit: Common Good Productions


    This website, along with the mobile app and film “Oil in Our Waters” was created to help teachers and activists educate our community about chronic oil pollution.

    It contains classroom tools (lesson plans, a website which offers in-depth explanations of the key environmental and legal issues, and a 22-minute film), as well a mobile reporting device to engage our community on the ocean and along the shore to help transform them into active Marine Defenders!

    Use the Marine Defenders tools in your classroom.

    Learn about the extent of intentional oil pollution

    Explore the latest science on the health impacts of oil

    Find a breakdown of the key international and US oil pollution laws

    Uncover how whistleblowers are rewarded in the United States

    Watch “Oil in Our Waters” Oil in Our Waters is a 22-minute documentary about the illegal dumping of oil from ships. This film tells you about the extent of the problem, the impact of oil on the marine environment, the creation of MARPOL and the US laws that make it illegal, and the penalties faced by polluters caught in the United States.

    Share your own lesson plans with other educators in the Marine Defenders community

    Report an oil spill or marine debris in your community